Building a Customer-Centric Organization with Next-gen Analytics


Customer behavior & expectations have seen a dramatic shift over the past decade or so. Customers are getting more empowered, more connected than ever and seek access to information, services, products anywhere, any time. And businesses today are leaving no stone unturned to keep pace with the customers’ ever-growing expectations & demands, and are trying to deliver seamless, integrated, “world class” experience across all possible touch points of interaction. Continue reading


Industrialization of Analytics


There can be little doubt in anyone’s mind that Analytics is becoming an ever more decisive element in all industries, ranging from Life Sciences, Healthcare to Energy, Utilities, Manufacturing etc. In developed economies, there are numerous business examples testifying how Analytics has played a critical role for a long time already, but as data velocity, variety, veracity, and volumes grow, so does the competitive pressure as organizations invent newer ways to differentiate and leapfrog others. Organizations today are ought to bank on fact-driven business as a way to gain the winning edge. Continue reading

The Rise of Business Analytics: Key Trends in 2014 and Possibilities for the Future


The vast proliferation of data, faster computing and the need for continuous innovation to stay ahead of competition, has compelled organizations to rewind & look back in the past (hindsight), control the present (insight) and confidently embrace new opportunities in the future (foresight).  Solving business problems and finding new areas of deliver increased value to the business stakeholders is crucial to the survival of any business in the ever-evolving marketplace today. Continue reading