Managing High Performance in Analytics Teams


With the recent massive explosion of data availability, significant leap in computing capabilities, substantial reduction in data storage costs and greater belief of businesses in analytical models has fueled the growth of businesses across the globe and demand of skilled professionals across all levels. However, businesses are demanding high level of performance from their Analytics Service Providers (ASP’s) and are increasingly insisting on translating spend into real tangible, quantifiable outcomes. In the given scheme of things, it is quintessential to measure and improve the performance level of analytics team while simultaneously juggling with the talent crunch of analytics professionals. Continue reading


Making Sense of the IoT Phenomenon: Extracting Value & Transforming Business


In this time of global business, with nonstop communications and fierce competition being the new normal, more organizations are finding big data and analytics together as the new weapon in their arsenal to cope with constant change. The new trending phenomenon has been instrumental to organizations to face imperatives such as increasing time-to-value and becoming more agile and adaptive. Continue reading

Managing enterprise risk and regulatory compliance effectively with Risk Analytics


Uncertain times and a sinusoidal volatility in the economic climate has significantly contributed to an increased focus on organizational governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) across industries of all sizes. The rapid industrialization and technological advancements over the last decade or so has exposed some perennial systemic weaknesses that can arise from increasingly complex operating structures and also the governmental frameworks, procedures put in place to mediate the way markets work. Continue reading