Keeping your Analytics Talent Motivated & Productive


Numerous studies in the past have shown that an engaged workforce significantly out-produces an unmotivated one. And even a greater number of those studies reinforce the common notion that employee creativity is the key to innovation and eventual customer or client satisfaction. To a great degree, for most industries and organizations, talent is one of the most treasured asset and to an extent a key differentiator in the marketplace. Continue reading


Analytics is all about Talent, not Pedigree


Organizations across the globe today are grappling with a data deluge and with the increasing reliance on mining data to carve out actionable insights and drive strategic imperatives, the relevance of building the right ecosystem of Analytics professionals is becoming commonplace. Qualified analytics professionals are scarce, though in great demand and generally command higher salaries than the industry normal because of their specialized skills. Continue reading

Managing Analytics Complexity – Part III


In continuation to the earlier article, let me take the discussion a notch forward and walk through some concrete actionable steps crucial to an effective Analytics transformation initiative roll out. We are already at the cusp of a new wave of innovation in the field of advanced analytics, across almost all product lines and business functions. Continue reading