Analytics Flashback 2014


2014 was a milestone year for Analytics with rapid developments especially on the technology front, improved business-user friendliness alongside increasing pervasiveness of Analytics in the marketplace across industries. Below is a compilation of my blogs in 2014 & I hope you enjoy reading them as we foray in 2015 with the expectation of encountering newer advancements, innovations & disruptions in the field of Analytics. Do leave your comments on your perspectives, views & suggestions on how you perceive Analytics to evolve in 2015.

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Rewriting the future of marketing with Personalization Analytics


As per recent report from Forrester Research, today’s hyper-connected consumer expect organizations to create far better personalized experiences and deliver value at all possible touch points of interaction. Consequently, the Marketers today understand that they need to step up their game and are ought to carry a strong appetite to expand personalization capabilities. Personalization has the potential to increase traffic, lead conversions, average order value, customer retention rate and lifetime customer value. Continue reading