IOT in Action: Key Trends, Challenges & Opportunities for Businesses in 2015


While organizations across the globe are still grappling with Big Data and its impacts, there is already a concept which is creating waves in the marketplace and, the “Internet of Things”. Being a market leader today means that organizations have to up their ante & tap into these disruptive technologies quick enough to be constantly ahead of the Curve. Interconnected devices today with Analytics interplay have enabled personalization of experiences around people in real time, helping make lives more streamlined, efficient, productive, healthy, and fun. IOT is already changing the operating rules of the game for businesses & bringing in a new world order. The world is going digital & Analytics is forming the new Knowledge base for organizations to make meaning out of this Data Deluge; an imperative for businesses today to outperform peers. Everything is going Digital & becoming quantifiable, and IOT buzzword has already been making waves in the marketplace. Continue reading