Real Time Streaming Analytics: IoT Enabler

Real Time Streaming Analytics

Digital Business, which primarily brings an unprecedented convergence of people, business and things, is upon us at present. Application of Analytics, accordingly brings us Descriptive & Diagnostic Analytics currently entering mainstream with most of the companies taking the plunge towards Data Discovery, Mining, Business Intelligence and Data Visualization & Reporting as the first step towards making their company completely data driven and realizing the full potential of Digital Business. The next phase of Predictive Analytics, though lesser in adoption, is actively being pursued as a viable option by three fourth of the relevant businesses as part of the next stage of Digital Evolution. The forward-thinking businesses are but, looking farther, into Prescriptive Analytics, teamed with Digital Evolution to Connected Things, and rise of Self-Learning Algorithms which will pave way for the Digital of the future – Autonomous Systems and Self Learning & Evolving Tech. Continue reading


Education Analytics and the Evolution of Schooling Model

Education Analytics Pic

Technologies in the form of cloud computing, mobility, social networking and information management are prompting the industry of education to move beyond practices of management, administration and instruction that dominate the traditional brick-and-mortar paradigm. Continue reading


Music Analytics and Streaming Services Pic

Music Industry underwent a massive shift by the advent of MP3 file compression standards, which enabled users to store tonnes of music and copy, store and transport it anytime, anywhere conveniently. This pretty much ate up on the revenues of record labels due to large scale piracy prevalent due to the ease with which music could be copied and transported. When fighting this trend proved futile, they tried to adopt by releasing CDs/DVDs and direct buying services like iTunes. Now there seems to be another shift happening Continue reading