Cryptocurrency Analytics for Better Encryption & Monitoring Digital Currency


The long-standing desire for two parties to transact online directly—without a third-party intermediary— has accelerated the popularity of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Blackcoin, Dogecoin etc. The online equivalent of hand-to-hand cash transactions, the cryptocurrency phenomenon, which is driven primarily by its to-date most popular option, Bitcoin, has struck a chord with growing legions of speculators, consumers, merchants, government regulators and even lawbreakers. As the news of recent Bitcoin-centric scandals has revealed, the latter category of less ethical players has rightfully heightened stakeholder scrutiny and wariness of Bitcoin and its digital brethren. But its growing popularity as a legitimate currency exchange option means Bitcoin holds opportunities as well as risk. Companies are seeking to further capitalize on the Bitcoin trend—even if many remain unsure of the precise implications on their business or industry. Continue reading


Integrated Analytics Approach to Rural Development


The benefits of big data are not only transforming the businesses in the urban areas but also they can be equally extended to the rural parts of the country. The penetration of mobile phones and other connected devices generate huge amount of structured and un-structured data every day. Productivity in rural India is extremely low due to unscientific farming practices, fragmented land holdings, lack of agro-climatic focus for crops selection, lack of access to the right farming advice at the right time. Continue reading


Water Analytics

More and more people are becoming aware of the need to conserve water for environmental reasons. Due to restrictions surrounding drought-related water use, the water utilities are finding themselves struggling due to less sale of water to the customers and hence facing challenges to stay financially sound.  Continue reading