AI in Health Care


While robots and computers will probably never completely replace doctors and nurses, machine learning/deep learning and AI are transforming the healthcare industry, improving outcomes, and changing the way doctors think about providing care. Continue reading


Banking Evolution using AI


Since its inception, AI has experienced at least two major hype cycles with resulting winters of disillusionment. Although after the first “winter”, many financial firms deployed a number of successful applications, by the 1990’s, AI went into its second winter of disillusionment as realization set in that these systems were harder and more costly to build and maintain than first anticipated. Continue reading

Black Money curbing enabled by Data Sciences


In a surprise announcement late Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi banned 500-rupee  and 1,000-rupee notes effective midnight, sweeping away 86 percent of total currency in circulation. In a nation where 98 percent of consumer transactions are still made in cash and about a quarter of the $2 trillion economy is unaccounted for, Modi’s pushing for crackdown on Black Money, making the illegal stacks of hidden cash instantenously invalid. A commendable move! Continue reading