Can AI And Eternal Humanity Both Co-Exist


At the turn of the century, it’s likely few, if any, could anticipate the many ways artificial intelligence would later affect our lives.

Take Emotional Robot with Intelligent Network, or ERWIN, for example. He’s designed to mimic human emotions like sadness and happiness in order to help researchers understand how empathy affects human-robot connections. When ERWIN works with Keepon—a robot who looks eerily similar to a real person—scientists gather data on how emotional responses and body language can foster meaningful relationships in an inevitably droid-filled society. Increasingly, robots are integrating into our lives as laborers, therapeutic and medical tools, assistants and more. Continue reading


KPO To Analytics To Data Sciences – How To Drive The Maturity Curve To Drive Enterprise Growth


Most organization do not take full advantage of the power of their data. They use it in only basic ways, such as creating reports and analyzing past trends. But what if they could do much more? What if they could find hidden patterns and ocnnections across all of their data? What if they could use those insights to anticipate future trends? What if they could take it yet a step further, creating thousands of possible scenarios and then identifying the ones most likely to achieve the organization’s specific goals? Continue reading

Analytics Business Leaders Are A Scant Community – Why A Great Analytics Practitioner Will Not Always Be A Great Analytics Leader


A considerable amount of current conversation in the area of data science and analytics focuses on the virtues of solving all the challenges that organizations face when using this new paradigm in the business world. There is also a lot of discussion around the technology-related issues that impact achieving data science and analytics goals. Continue reading

2017 Digital Trends


Digital transformation reshapes every aspect of a business. As digital technology continues to evolve, I believe that successful digital transformation will require careful collaboration, thoughtful planning, and the inclusion of every department.

During recent years, we’ve seen shifts in how traditional leadership roles operate, as silos break down and the scopes of various roles widen and change. Digital transformation has morphed from a trend to a central component of modern business strategy. Following are the enlisted major trends that will capture the gist of what is to come in 2017.  Continue reading