“Thick Data” – How Science Of Human Behavior Will Augment Analytics Outcomes


In recent years, there has been a lot of hype around “big” data in the marketing world. Big data is extremely helpful with gathering quantitative information about new trends, behaviors and preferences, so it’s no wonder companies invest a lot of time and money sifting through and analyzing massive sets of data. However, what big data fails to do is explain why we do what we do. Continue reading


AI & Humanity – Existential Threat Or Co-Exist Attainability ?


While some predict mass unemployment or all-out war between humans and artificial intelligence, others foresee a less bleak future. A future looks promising, in which humans and intelligent systems are inseparable, bound together in a continual exchange of information and goals, a “symbiotic autonomy.” If you may. It will be hard to distinguish human agency from automated assistance — but neither people nor software will be much use without the other. Continue reading

Drones & Driverless Cars – AI at the core


As driverless cars become a mainstream reality, AI is aiding it greatly to  remove all barriers to autonomous function and humanization of its operation. The biggest challenge self-driving cars will have to overcome on the road is being able to react to the randomness of traffic flow, other drivers, and the fact that no two driving situations are ever the same. AI is what comes to play in this sphere. Continue reading