“Re-Engineering” Businesses – Think “Analytics”- new analytics led strategy


While the interests in analytics and resulting benefits are increasing by the day, some businesses are challenged by the complexity and confusion that analytics can generate. Companies can get stuck trying to analyze all that’s possible and all that they could do through analytics, when they should be taking that next step of recognizing what’s important and what they should be doing — for their customers, stakeholders, and employees. Discovering real business opportunities and achieving desired outcomes can be elusive. To overcome this, companies should pursue a constant attempt to re-engineer their analytics strategy to generate insight that leads to real outcomes Continue reading


GST – A mega opportunity to leverage analytics to unlock insights


The Goods and Services Tax has come into effect on July 1st and is pegged to be one of the most significant economic tax reforms carried out by PM Narendra Modi. While it will usher in greater transparency and create a simplified channel for tracking through data, it has also spawned the need for ERP and data analytics solutions. Other IT solutions include building capabilities such as billing software and payment gateways, thus creating plentiful opportunities across the IT spectrum. Industry experts say there is a $1 billion opportunity for IT vendors over the next two years. Continue reading