How To Build A High-Performing Digital Dream Team


Digital skills are in high demand and short supply. But first things first — how do you define a digital team when nearly everything is digital? Continue reading


A perspective to CIO’s on emerging cross-industry digital models under Industrie- 4.0


Industrie 4.0 goes far beyond the connection of IT applications and physical assets. Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives need to be business-driven and value-chain-driven. Digital business — especially in the context of Industrie 4.0 — is focused specifically on peer exchange and communication between business (including process and information), people and physical things as equal entities. This means that different parties need to collaborate efficiently across the whole life cycle of Industrie 4.0 initiatives.

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Can AI And Eternal Humanity Both Co-Exist


At the turn of the century, it’s likely few, if any, could anticipate the many ways artificial intelligence would later affect our lives.

Take Emotional Robot with Intelligent Network, or ERWIN, for example. He’s designed to mimic human emotions like sadness and happiness in order to help researchers understand how empathy affects human-robot connections. When ERWIN works with Keepon—a robot who looks eerily similar to a real person—scientists gather data on how emotional responses and body language can foster meaningful relationships in an inevitably droid-filled society. Increasingly, robots are integrating into our lives as laborers, therapeutic and medical tools, assistants and more. Continue reading

How Data Sciences Will Redefine Consulting To Drive Digital Transformation


Consulting firms the world over, are looking to develop competencies that would create a definite competitive advantage for them in the market. The consulting sector is no longer immune to disruptive technologies that have significantly influenced other digital enabled businesses, and is flooded with new players having a non-traditional approach toward consulting Continue reading

Key Win Themes To Master In Digital Business


Digital business is the creation of new business designs by blurring the digital and physical worlds. It promises an unprecedented convergence of people, businesses and things that changes existing business models and creates new revenue opportunities. Executing digital business will require a digital platform that evolves as business opportunities and threats change. Continue reading