My Top 10 Blog Posts on AI


The market for artificial intelligence (AI) technologies is flourishing. Beyond the hype and the heightened media attention, the numerous startups and the internet giants racing to acquire them, there is a significant increase in investment and adoption by enterprises. A Narrative Science survey found last year that 38% of enterprises are already using AI, growing to 62% by 2018. Forrester Research predicted a greater than 300% increase in investment in artificial intelligence in 2017 compared with 2016. Continue reading


God bless AI / AI Bless God – The curious case of building an AI God


The Singularity is a term people use to infuse terror whenever they’re talking about the future of technology. It’s a scary word, because it talks about the moment – impending or not – when computers will finally be smarter than humans, rendering us irrelevant and unnecessary, and ultimately, transforming the way our world works. Continue reading

How Rise of Exponential Technologies – AI, RPA, Blockchain, Cybersecurity Will Redefine Talent Demand & Supply Landscape


The current boom of exponential technologies of today is causing strong disruption in the talent availability landscape, with traditional, more mechanical roles being wiped out and paving way for huge demand for learning and design thinking based skills and professions. The World Economic Forum said in 2016 that 60% of children entering school today will work in jobs that do not yet exist. Continue reading