Design thinking | Behavioral Sciences: Strategic elements to building a successful AI enterprise


Today’s artificial intelligence (AI) revolution has been made possible by the algorithm revolution. The machine learning algorithms researchers have been developing for decades, when cleverly applied to today’s web-scale data sets, can yield surprisingly good forms of intelligence. Continue reading


Understanding burgeoning AI landscape;an investment opportunity hard to ignore- A perspective for PE / VC & investment funds


There seems to be a glaring ambiguity as to exactly what artificial intelligence (AI) is, and how the discipline of AI should be categorized. Is AI a form of analytics or is it a totally new discipline that is distinct from analytics? I firmly believe that AI is more closely related to predictive analytics and data sciences than to any other discipline. Continue reading

Transformation in marketing redefined by AI – a brief AI Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) primer


Previous week , I had an opportunity to moderate a fireside chat at NASSCOM Martech conference that carried a theme around changing role for CMO with the advent of AI and I could notice a substantial set of queries during the conference on how AI will redefine marketing. As understandable, each new technology can create fear, uncertainty, and doubt until we understand it better. And AI, with all its hype, fits that bill. But to remain current and relevant, CMOs must quickly understand and apply AI. Here’s a short AI CMO Primer. Continue reading

Financial transformation accomplished by AI – a perspective for Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


For organizations, transforming finance and accounting function  via adoption of topical technology means improving how they pre-empt red flags around the financial transactions within the organizations.

In fact, prudent finance and accounting operability  represents the single biggest challenge firms have to deliver on their priorities, according to a survey by Econsultancy. Continue reading

The Gold Rush for AI – Silicon Valley Vs. China – A Perspective Hard to Ignore


The buzzword among the business and tech communities in China for the past year has been ‘AI’, or artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence, which allows software to “learn” human ways of thinking, is being incorporated into the largest e-commerce platforms, including Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent, as well as into data-intensive traditional sectors. Continue reading