Wiley Book Launch Event (Feb 16, 2018)


Thanks to the Wiley’s Leadership Team : Peter Wiley(Chairman Emeritus ) , Matt Kissner(Chairman) , Vikas Gupta(MD , India) for hosting an amazing book launch event. It’s a pleasure to be associated with the marquee publishing house. # AI and Analytics.

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My Book Launch: AI and Analytics – Accelerating Business Decisions (Feb 16, 2018)


My new book has been launched today:

AI and Analytics : Accelerating Business Decisions.. The new normal in enterprise strategy and transformation

Introducing, the first of its kind, must have primer for CxOs, executives and professionals on executing AI and Analytics strategies in their enterprises for end-to-end transformative impact. Includes:Introducing, the first of its kind, must have primer for CxOs, executives and professionals on executing AI and Analytics strategies in their enterprises for end-to-end transformative impact. Includes:

  • Exhaustive repertoire of AI and Analytics strategy roadmaps, frameworks and methodologies for CXO’s, coupled with broad exhibit plan of making the enterprises AI ready
  • A comprehensive overview of the algorithm economy and its deep transformative potential of morphing enterprises into math houses
  • Incisive study of C-suite stakeholders – CMO, CPO, CFO, CIO’s radical role and functional changes on strategic and operational sides underpinned by AI and Analytics infusion
  • Outline of the immense AI and Analytics adoption and consumption scenarios in high impact industries of Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Retail and CPG
  • Thought provoking facets of AI and Analytics pervasive interventions in exponential technologies: Chatbots , RPA , IoT , Cybersecurity , Blockchain , Cryptocurrency

The book will be available soon for purchase. Stay Tuned in my twitter (@DhanrajaniS) and LinkedIn (/sameerdhanrajani) to know more about how you can purchase it.

The Rush for Artificial Intelligence in Silicon Valley ..is this here to stay ?


For more than a decade, Silicon Valley’s technology investors and entrepreneurs obsessed over social media and mobile apps that helped people do things like find new friends, fetch a ride home or crowdsource a review of a product or a movie. Continue reading

Redefining Banking Industry Part 2: The Adoption of Analytics

Analytics in Banking Pic

In the current macroeconomic environment post economic downturn and with rise in number of regulatory norms, growth in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance Industry is hard to come by. Add to that the growing demand of customers for better services as a direct relation to them also being better informed, and they will not think twice to switch to a competitor offering if they are not happy with the services. Such a situation calls for a complete revamp in the working methodology of BFSI Industry. Find out how adoption of Analytics can foster this.  Continue reading

Mending the Gap in Enterprise Digital & Analytics Adoption

Digital on Operating Income Pic

The Optimism around Digital and Analytics

The prospect of adopting Digital and Analytics has a very high approval among most of the top companies and executives. According to a Gartner Survey, by 2016, around 50% of businesses intend to go significantly digital, and that number is anticipated to go till 83% by 2019. Businesses are focusing on three key areas – Big Data & Analytics, Digital Marketing & Social Media and Mobility Solutions & Cloud Integration Continue reading

How Data Science is influencing Buyer Behavior

Buyer Pic

The modern consumers have changed. With the advent of internet, and easy access of it, finding what they are looking for has become easier. Customers nowadays perform a lot of research before they purchase a product. They now expect to receive personalized service customized to fit their preferences, which also keeps continuously changing.  Converting a customer successfully requires a business know a lot about their buying behavior, to a level that even they themselves might not be aware of. If businesses want to stay ahead, they’ll have to know more and act quicker.   Continue reading

Big Data Analytics in Genomics

Circos Genomics Visualization Pic

Today we will explore the application and inference driven from the path breaking data science approach from big data analytics in the field of Genomics. Research and data sciences driven approach in this field lays emphasis on sequencing technology which has resulted in the dramatic increase of sequencing data, which, in turn, requires efficient management of computational resources, such as computing time, memory requirements as well as prototyping of computational pipelines. I will be exploring these new techniques and solution oriented approaches in this blog entry. Continue reading