Mending the Gap in Enterprise Digital & Analytics Adoption

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The Optimism around Digital and Analytics

The prospect of adopting Digital and Analytics has a very high approval among most of the top companies and executives. According to a Gartner Survey, by 2016, around 50% of businesses intend to go significantly digital, and that number is anticipated to go till 83% by 2019. Businesses are focusing on three key areas – Big Data & Analytics, Digital Marketing & Social Media and Mobility Solutions & Cloud Integration Continue reading


Big Data Analytics in Genomics

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Today we will explore the application and inference driven from the path breaking data science approach from big data analytics in the field of Genomics. Research and data sciences driven approach in this field lays emphasis on sequencing technology which has resulted in the dramatic increase of sequencing data, which, in turn, requires efficient management of computational resources, such as computing time, memory requirements as well as prototyping of computational pipelines. I will be exploring these new techniques and solution oriented approaches in this blog entry. Continue reading

The Rise of Business Analytics: Key Trends in 2014 and Possibilities for the Future


The vast proliferation of data, faster computing and the need for continuous innovation to stay ahead of competition, has compelled organizations to rewind & look back in the past (hindsight), control the present (insight) and confidently embrace new opportunities in the future (foresight).  Solving business problems and finding new areas of deliver increased value to the business stakeholders is crucial to the survival of any business in the ever-evolving marketplace today. Continue reading