How Healthcare industry will benefit by embracing Data Sciences


In the healthcare industry, what could be more important than having better healthcare outcomes? Each and every day healthcare workers around the globe are striving hard to find more ways of improving our lives. However, the world is changing, and frankly, at a faster rate than most of us can keep up. Intuition alone will no longer be enough for quality patient outcomes. The amount of healthcare data continues to mound every second, making it harder and harder to find any form of helpful information. Big Data is not to be romanticized; it can be a blessing and a curse. It can contribute to both the insight and the fog of visibility. Continue reading


How Data Science Projects deliver Business Impact


As data is already everywhere, so data science problems are becoming increasingly prevalent. Some enterprises have counted 50 to 100 data science use cases. To better cope with the sheer mass of projects, some leading organizations are starting data science teams whose general mission is to become a shared resources across the organization. Data science projects can be characterized by their business impact, helping analytics leaders to understand the business benefits they deliver, from innovation and business understanding to prototyping, process refinement and firefighting. Continue reading

How Data Science is influencing Buyer Behavior

Buyer Pic

The modern consumers have changed. With the advent of internet, and easy access of it, finding what they are looking for has become easier. Customers nowadays perform a lot of research before they purchase a product. They now expect to receive personalized service customized to fit their preferences, which also keeps continuously changing.  Converting a customer successfully requires a business know a lot about their buying behavior, to a level that even they themselves might not be aware of. If businesses want to stay ahead, they’ll have to know more and act quicker.   Continue reading