Analytics Flashback 2014


2014 was a milestone year for Analytics with rapid developments especially on the technology front, improved business-user friendliness alongside increasing pervasiveness of Analytics in the marketplace across industries. Below is a compilation of my blogs in 2014 & I hope you enjoy reading them as we foray in 2015 with the expectation of encountering newer advancements, innovations & disruptions in the field of Analytics. Do leave your comments on your perspectives, views & suggestions on how you perceive Analytics to evolve in 2015.

A Robust Career path

The Rise of Business Analytics: Key Trends in 2014 and Possibilities for the Future


Industrialization of Analytics


Building a Customer-Centric Organization with Next-gen Analytics


Managing enterprise risk and regulatory compliance effectively with Risk Analytics


Reimagining Business Operations with Advanced Analytics


Making Sense of the IoT Phenomenon: Extracting Value & Transforming Business


Managing High Performance in Analytics Teams


Managing Analytics Complexity – Part I


Managing Analytics Complexity – Part II


Managing Analytics Complexity – Part III


Analytics is all about Talent, not Pedigree


Journey to Analytics Transformation is a Marathon, not a Sprint


The New Face of Marketing in a Data-driven World


Keeping your Analytics Talent Motivated & Productive


Driving Contact Center Effectiveness with Advanced Analytics


Reshaping Captive Business Model with Social , Mobile , Analytics , Cloud (SMAC)

An Approach to Effective SMAC Adoption within Captives


Connected Car –Technology takes the wheel to reshape Automotive Industry


Learn, Unlearn, Relearn – Key to building a successful career in Analytics


Building a Robust Data Strategy Roadmap – Part I


Building a Robust Data Strategy Roadmap – Part II


Building a Robust Data Strategy Roadmap – Part III


Driving Retail Business Value Chain Transformation through Analytics


Rewriting the future of marketing with Personalization Analytics





One thought on “Analytics Flashback 2014

  1. Dear Sameer – I have read most of your blogs and these are the areas where the industry has moved in last few years. I have learned a lot from these blogs. IOT and SMAC were the key focused subjects while a lot of changes and development has happened in Hadoop & its distributions. Data Science was also a key discussion points in social links ; but a lot of work to be done while choosing the business cases (forecasting/predictive, optimization, segmentation etc.) , techniques and algorithms used for each business case and accuracy of results. We will work on publishing few topics in 2015 on IOT, Big Data reference architecture and key techniques & algorithms used in manufacturing industry (digital manufacturing, smart product decision, IOT , Manufacturing- Industry Specific Accelerators :M-ISA)

    Looking forward to read more topics in 2015 from your blogs..

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